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Four simple steps for submitting your opportunity:

Step 1: Create a user account.

This simply captures your contact information so that we can follow up with additional questions and the outcome of our review. Once you have created an account, you do not need to repeat the process to submit additional opportunities. Your account includes a user name and password which enable you to monitor the progress of your submission through our process. Your institution may already be in our database. If so, as you enter the name, the database will propose a list of institutions with similar names for you to select if appropriate.

Step 2: Complete the submission form

Please complete all questions to the best of your ability and knowledge. The more non-confidential information you can provide, the more likely we will be able to complete our review in a timely manner.

Step 3: Attach additional supporting documents

Non-confidential documents in virtually any format can be attached to provide additional relevant information for our reviewers. Information regarding mechanism of action, in vitro study results and summarised in vivo safety and efficacy data are especially useful.

Step 4: Click submit

We will respond with the outcome of our review which typically occurs on the third Tuesday of the month.

Our review process:

Your submitted non-confidential information will be reviewed by our committee of internal subject matter experts and decision makers from R&D and relevant business segments to assess its alignment with our business strategy. Please provide all relevant non-confidential information to maximise the opportunity for an accurate assessment.

The reviewers comments are collected and discussed at the monthly meeting of the committee, typically the third Tuesday of the month. Shortly after the meeting, you will be contacted regarding one of three possible outcomes:

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